Investor Benefits

Invest in Success

Our investor and regional benefits are below.

Investor Benefits

  • Network with the most influential leaders in the Magic Valley.
  • Grow both your business while helping grow the economy in our region.
  • Support the regional economy by creating new jobs.
  • Be part of a united pro-business group.
  • Support targeted marketing that attracts new companies and brings economic diversity to the region.
  • Support a strong regional workforce for employment security and diversity.
  • Business marketing opportunities via electronic/printed materials, community events and business networking.
  • Quarterly meetings with presentations focused on businesses support and economic development.
  • Opportunities for co-sponsoring meetings and events.
  • Opportunities for serving on the Board of Directors.

Regional Benefits

  • Leveraging growth with focused job creation, thereby creating an increase in economic activity throughout the region.
  • Focuses on identified business clusters with the highest potential to complement Southern Idaho’s economic strengths.
  • Pools financial funds to help business recruitment efforts for job creation and capital investment.
  • Helps fund the region’s marketing efforts by supporting the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO).
  • Concentrates on good-paying jobs in environmentally-sound businesses, which attract qualified employees and promote workforce longevity.
  • Stimulates area-wide business activity, which helps grow the value of business property, residential property, and the region’s tax base.
  • Promotes development of strong public infrastructure and social entities, including schools, through which further economic development can occur.
  • Supports marketing the region for Talent Attraction.
  • Increased economic activity for more consumer expenditures/savings.