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Make a Difference

Over the past 30 years, we have joined like-minded leaders to grow our economy. In fact, our mission is to ensure that we all play a role in Southern Idaho’s growth and vitality. A strong economy supports job growth, business investment, recruitment, and training the best talent to fill those jobs. Southern Idaho is a thriving region, and you can be part of it.

Job Creation Drives Economic Growth

Southern Idaho is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Business Plus supports a broad range of initiatives for job creation, talent recruitment and workforce training through our partnership with Southern Idaho Economic Development.

Over the years Business Plus Investors have contributed over $3.5 million to help attract and expand over 65 businesses. HERE is a list of our investments over the years.

Connect with the Region’s Most Influential Leaders

Join forces with Southern Idaho’s most influential leaders to create jobs and economic opportunities. See our Executive Team and Board of Directors here.

Over Three Decades of Economic Development Success

Business Plus grants have created over 2,000 direct jobs and $1 billion in economic growth since 1987.

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Business Plus was founded in 1987 when Twin Falls business leaders took a proactive approach to bringing in new companies with well-paying jobs.

It started with the recruitment of Trus Joist (TJI) in 1987 and continued over the next 33 years with Norco, Dell, Chobani, Clif Bar and many others which have contributed to over $1 billion in economic impact to the Magic Valley.

Today Business Plus is partnered with Southern Idaho Economic Development to market the region nationally for new business recruitment and talent attraction and the College of Southern Idaho for workforce training and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is Business Plus funded?

Contributions to Business Plus come from the private business sector and foundations in the Magic Valley region.

Q. Are the funds raised invested in local opportunities?

Yes. Funds go to help support regional economic development, regional marketing through Southern Idaho Economic Development, and opportunities to enhance workforce and talent development and attraction. Funds also go to a reserve fund to help build a business recruitment endowment over time.

Q. Can I support Southern Idaho Economic Development directly?

The private business sector contributes to Southern Idaho Economic Development through Business Plus. They are also funded through the College of Southern Idaho and the public sector through individual counties and cities throughout the Magic Valley.

Q. Is Business Plus focused on one city or area?

Our focus is on the Southern Idaho Magic Valley region including Camas, Cassia, Elmore, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka, and Twin Falls counties. Studies have shown that the entire region benefits with a combined economic development effort. This model also fosters teamwork among the many cities and counties in the region.

Q. How does Business Plus decide who gets funds?

Business Plus is governed by a 100-percent local investor board, which has an established review process for investments and grants.

Q. If I give to Business Plus, how can I be assured I’m not giving to a new competitor?

Business Plus focuses on primary job creation and workforce and talent attraction. Each new business opportunity is evaluated by the counties and cities who strive to complement existing business within their community.

Q. Does Business Plus get involved in politics?

No, Business Plus is apolitical. The organization does not give money to candidates or PACs. Business Plus believes in a healthy business climate and works with other groups such as chambers of commerce on objectives that impact economic development and workforce opportunities.

Q. Does economic development mean only manufacturing or do you encourage economic and job growth in other sectors?

Business Plus sees job growth in broad terms, including the rapidly growing sectors of agriculture and food industry clusters. Business Plus recognizes and encourages diversity in the Southern Idaho economy.

Q. I have trouble finding qualified employees for my business now. Won’t attracting new businesses mean more competition for workers?

Economic growth often goes through contraction and expansion cycles. As the economy in Southern Idaho improves, this will attract additional qualified and skilled employees and will hopefully retain our region’s best and brightest.

Q. What kind of accountability does Business Plus maintain with its investors?

Business Plus has an all-local board of investors who meet regularly. Business Plus has established bylaws and incorporation documents. Annual taxes and reports are handled by a professional CPA firm. Business Plus sends regular email communications to its members, and its executive director meets regularly with the local media.

Q. How can I get involved?

Business Plus welcomes new member investors, their participation and input. The executive director will be glad to meet with any prospective investor, large or small to discuss the benefits of joining the organization.

Q. Are Business Plus contributions considered business expenses?

Yes, they’re like chamber dues and professional association memberships. We are a 501(c)6 organization.