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Join forces with Southern Idaho’s influential leaders to create jobs and economic opportunities. When you invest in Business Plus, you are joining the most powerful business leaders in the region.


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Our 2024 Second Quarter meeting is Thursday, May 30th from 3-5pm at Blue Lakes Country Club. Our topic is: The Toolbox for Business Growth: Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E)

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When you invest in Business Plus you are joining the most influential business leaders in the region. These are the people who brought in 65 companies and created over 3,000 new jobs. Success stories from companies like Solo Cup, Chobani, and Clif Bar are a testament to creating economic stability and business growth opportunities.


  “Most business leaders understand that the success of their business in largely dependent on the economy, but they don’t think they can do much to affect the economic activity. Business Plus is a vehicle for business leaders to take a proactive approach to investing in the Magic Valley economy. We all benefit from the effects of a vibrant and healthy local economy.”

– Jason Meyerhoeffer, First Federal Bank

“As a realtor, I help families who want to relocate to Southern Idaho. Without a vibrant economy, it would be difficult to help these families buy a new home here. Because the economy in our region has been so successful over the past 20+ years, we are able to attract people to come to the area and find good employment opportunities. This is what creates an exceptional quality of life – good paying jobs, houses to buy, and things to do in our community.”

– Cindy Collins, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Idaho Homes & Properties

“We need to increase the number of investors in Business Plus – doing so will increase the number of jobs for our kids and grandchildren. It will increase the number of employees we have to choose from to hire for our businesses. Investing and getting others to invest in Business Plus is good business for your company, community, family and friends and will ensure a bright future for our region here in Idaho.”

– Con Paulos, Con Paulos, Inc.

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“I am always focused on what is best for my business and our employees. An important part of my companies’ well-being is a strong and vibrant local economy. New jobs, emerging companies and a strong focus on talent attraction all benefit our local economy, which in turn benefits me and my business. The Magic Valley has seen great growth in the last 20 years, and I applaud our business leaders for their foresight in promoting and investing in our great Valley.”

– Rudy Ashenbrener, TitleFact, Inc.

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“Remarkable growth in the Magic Valley over the past 20 years was no accident; the recipe was thoughtful planning, promotion, and key partnerships with organizations like Business Plus. Community leaders had a vision long ago to invest in our communities; the result has been a vibrant economy with unprecedented growth. Investing in Business Plus provides the means to continue that vision into the future.”

– Chris Seibold, United Electric Coop

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“As a media professional I meet with businesses of all types across the Magic Valley. While each business is unique, they all share the same needs to attract talent, and they all thrive when the economy empowers the community to purchase their goods and services. Business Plus empowers businesses to join forces to grow our economy and build a skilled workforce. Joining Business Plus is your way to contribute to the future vitality of our community, and ensure the ongoing success of your business.”

– Matt Sandberg, Times-News & Amplified Digital


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“Business Plus brings together a group of like-minded individuals who understand that by working and investing in our community together, we can achieve results greater than individual investing.  The trickle-down effect of bringing new business and employment opportunities to our area collectively makes all of our businesses benefit.  Investing in Business Plus has a proven track record that brings economic prosperity into reality.”

– Jim Evans, D.L. Evans Bank

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Business Plus is the most powerful networking organization I have ever seen for local businesses to get to know and support each other. When I look at the business climate in Southern Idaho, and the endless possibilities for the future, it becomes obvious that Business Plus will continue to play a vital role in shaping the future of the Magic Valley. It is an impressive and necessary organization for growing our future.”

– Neil Christensen, NuVu Autoglass


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